Armand Niculescu, BEng, MSM, is a 34 year old Art Director at Media Division. and he enjoys working with visual arts for film, web and print.

One response to “Why I still love AIR”

  1. jakeZ

    I’ve been a flash and AIR developer for years and as much as I try to explain how powerful flash and AIR is to people, I just can’t seem to get through to them. I’m currently working on an application for a friend and she just can’t grasp the idea the we can basically develop it once in Flash, and export it to six different platforms using the same file. Adobe is really the one to blame for this. I love adobe, and use their products daily, but they have got to hire a PR genius. Someone that can talk to people on the corporate level. The projects managers. The developers know what their products can do, it’s the PM’s that need to push the use of them to clients.