Armand Niculescu, BEng, MSM, is a 34 year old Art Director at Media Division. and he enjoys working with visual arts for film, web and print.

3 responses to “VPN made easy: Meet Hamachi”

  1. Bash

    I used to use OPenVPN to connect to my home computer while away. It took a little while to “figure out” for a networking noob like me, but once it was up and running I had no problems.

  2. vpn service

    As i see – Hamachi is a web based vpn. Isn’t it ?

  3. hamachi -

    [...] tool like this. The problem is that hamachi can loose focus so the installation fails. …VPN made easy: Meet HamachiBrowse: Home / Reviews / VPN made easy: Meet Hamachi. VPN made easy: Meet Hamachi. By Armand [...]