Armand Niculescu, BEng, MSM, is a 34 year old Art Director at Media Division. and he enjoys working with visual arts for film, web and print.

15 responses to “Fancy Javascript slideshow – no framework required”

  1. Robert

    Great tutorial!! I was looking for something like that for a while. I also prefer websites without frameworks, so please add more stuff like this, thanks Armand



  2. Anes

    It’s a Fantastic code , I think it can do using jQuery’s jflow only. nice Work
    Anes P.A

  3. Andrew

    I love that you’ve achieved this without a framework – very impressive. You should note that the full script doesn’t auto-scroll for some reason, which I have tried to debug without success yet. You’re minified version works as expected though.

  4. Andrew Harland

    Hi Armand. I’m sure you are aware of this, but there is a bug when selecting the active slide button. When this is selected the current image flickers then disappears, and the slideshow only becomes visible when the next image is timed in. What would your solution to this be, bearing in mind I haven’t got the same coding ability as you. I presume making the current button inactive would be a work around? Thanks.

  5. Mao

    Thank you for great tutorial.
    I want to use you work in my free module, but I can’t find here nothing about licensing this code.

  6. Lewis

    Great code, but where should I include this license, if I want to use it? If I include it in the html file as a comment, is it okay?

  7. Madhukesh

    Elegant code. Unfortunately the download link says “File does not exist.”

  8. Madhukesh

    Thanks very much!

  9. Flexn

    There is only a very small area to klick on the control dots?