Armand Niculescu, BEng, MSM, is a 34 year old Art Director at Media Division. and he enjoys working with visual arts for film, web and print.

5 responses to “Best tablets for Android development”

  1. Jonathan Kaye

    Nice post, I thought I’d add my experience. For the low end (but not rock bottom) I use the acer a100 – 7″, pretty solid, hdmi, camera – and about $200.

  2. Jonathan Evans

    There are certainly a lot of details like that to take into consideration. That is a great point to bring up.

    Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Michael Cabins

    I’m thinking of jumping into android development (after years of PC development), so I’m thinking, if I’m only gonna buy ONE tab, which one should it be?
    Should it be Honeycomb (so I can see that the app works in Honeycomb and later) or ICS (so that when I want to download apps for myself, I’ll be able to get the latest stuff)?

  4. Lidia David

    This Galaxy Tab is also the first to feature Samsung’s SuperAMOLED Plus screen technology, which provides excellent color and light contrast, better than what’s found on TFT displays like the iPad. The 7.7 produces rich blacks and very sharp colors, the best I’ve ever seen on a tablet. Testing with a number of different HDTV shows and movies, it’s safe to say that the Galaxy Tab 7.7 has the best display for watching HD video of any tablet.