Armand Niculescu, BEng, MSM, is a 34 year old Art Director at Media Division. and he enjoys working with visual arts for film, web and print.

65 responses to “Automatically highlight current page in menu via Javascript”

  1. DESIGNvibe

    great solution very helpful! good work, thanks

  2. Nick Wilcox

    works awesome – with a little custom tailoring, it did exactly what I needed.

    kudos and thanks!

  3. Pablo Molina

    I use this script frecuently in many different brands of content management systems. Always works right away. Congratulations to the developer.

  4. Index Web Marketing - Montreal

    Thanks Armand, I will try the .current method and if it doesn’t work I will use the javascript method.

    Have a good day!

  5. Rana Aamir

    thnx brother its work…

  6. Fergus O'Donoghue

    Nice little script. Needs a couple of mods referring to how to get the parent LI to highlight even if it’s a child of that li. …I’m working on it and will post in due course.

  7. Tyler

    This is exactly what I am looking for…thank you.

  8. David

    Simple script, but I was amazed at how many variations there were. I liked yours the best.

  9. Ganesh MN

    thank u very much for giving such a simple script. it has reduced my headachae…..

  10. aixxa

    I would like to know how to turn this page into cakePHP.
    I mean how to apply this code in cakePHP frame work. i’ m new in cakePHP.
    help please..